Tips for Stitching with Glow in Dark the Embroidery Thread

Glow in the dark thread is a great and attractive way to add colored threads to any type of stitch and embroidery. At the end of the day, the stars and the moon shines at night. Similarly, if you stitch some colored thread inside the black thread, you can see that they are glowing in the darkness of the night. It looks pretty fun and great.

The brightness of the dark thread has a better distinct feel than that of regular cotton embroidery. And this stitch is not an easy task. You have to work a little harder to stitch it. So, you should know some information about Glow in Dark Thread before going crazy and stitching some shiny designs.

How Does Glow In The Dark Embroidery Thread Work?

Yes, these threads work. When you design with colored thread inside the black thread, the designed space will shine. But. of course, it must be seen inside the darkness. Otherwise, in the light, you will not enjoy the wonderful feeling of it. These costumes are also commonly known as Halloween costumes. Children most like these clothes. Because in the dark, when the kids run wearing clothes, it glows.

Then, these brightly colored scenes give a lot of joy to the children. Mostly, you can decorate your dress with the thread of your choice. You will go to one of your nearest thread shops and buy some colorful threads from there. Plus, You can use red, blue, green, pink, any kind of colorful yarn if you want.

By the way, you must remember that the thread should embroider colored thread. Otherwise, you can’t glow in the black embroidery thread even if you try a thousand times. Moreover, if you don’t feel like it after stitching, you can remove the embroidery stitches. We have a blog tutorial on how to remove embroidery. If you want, you can visit.

How To Get The Most Glow In The Dark

Before you know how bright it will in the dark, it’s important to remember that the thread needs to be “charged up” with light first. Once charged, it only shines for a little time. Then, gradually its brightness begins to fade out. Plus, it doesn’t take long to charge up. It charges up in a few seconds. 

Here are some tips about glow in the dark embroidery threads to help you keep your clothes lights up for a long time:

  • The blacklight is the UV bulb. This is by far the best alternative to charge up threads. These bulbs can charge the thread, but it is not visible to the human eye. That’s why you need to go to the darkroom to see the bright display of the thread. And it also works for a long time.


  • Direct sunlight may an excellent medium for you. It may acceptable to get bright light in a few seconds. However, it is difficult to hold on for a long time. You have to go to a dark room quickly to see its brightness and it may take some time for adjusting to your eyes. 


  • Tube bulbs work somewhat better to retain brightness or charge up. However, it does not work very well. It works a little better than LED bulbs.


  • Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs are standard light bulbs. As bright as these bulbs look, they don’t do a good work of charging up or retaining the brightness of the embroidery threads.


The Role Of Threads In Bringing Brightness

You must believe that just as brightness depends on a light, so does the role of the thread. Just because you use any thread and bring it closer to the light doesn’t mean that it will charge. If you want to get shine, you will also need good quality threads which can increase the shine of your clothes ( like Floriani embroidery thread, Kreinik, DMC Embroidery Floss, etc).

For this, you only need to buy good quality embroidered threads. Also, you need to combine the yarns in such a way that the fabric shines as soon as you enter the darkroom.

Will It Lose Its Glow After Washing?

I see many people ask this question. Especially those who have bought new it, they go a little more tension with it later. But there is nothing to stress about it. Usually, when you wash these clothes, there will no difference in brightness. Brightness depends on your thread and light. If your thread is better, glow in the dark embroidery thread will give a better glowing. But I will not tell you to bleach or iron on this thread or your clothes.

 Washing And Caring For Your Thread

Take extra care of the brightness part in the dark thread. Because of a little care, you will be able to keep the shine of your clothes for a long time. Once you wash and dry your clothes, there is no way to lose that shine from that particular part. But it is better not to use ironing and bleaching. This is because bleaching is usually used to remove the color of the fabric and to whiten the fabric. So we don’t encourage bleaching.

Glow In The Dark Embroidery Threads Are Available In Different Colors?

I didn’t even know that Glow in the Dark Embroidery Thread is available in different colors. I found out about these colors when I went to the thread store. Here are the threads of this color of all kinds. But the most popular threads are – red, yellow, green, pink, white, orange, blue.

People use green and white, yellow and pink the most. But you will never find it fun during the day. I haven’t used too many threads, but I know about some best thread. So here are some thread names. According to MRX Stitch,  their favorite thread is Kreinik’s 052F, an off-white color, because it is a neutral that blends into just about anything.

They also like 053F Lime Green because it’s a fun chartreuse color, and 051F Tangerine because it’s a strong orange. Kreinik’s color 054F Lemon-Lime is that great citron-yellow we’ve been seeing in fashion (looks fabulous with grays). You can use these threads if you want. Hopefully, you will get a good result by using these.

Few Tips

Glow in the dark embroidery threads is really great. These also work well. So if you want to keep your kids happy, you can use this thread to stitch to your choice. You can also do it if you have a hobby. I will tell you to read some more posts to get a better idea. Then you will be able to know more. Moreover, you can visit our all post. If you want to read, click here.

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