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A tie is an expression of a man’s politeness. But the question of many people is “how long should a tie be” or “what the exact length of a tie should be.” We get tense most of the time about this. I would say there is nothing to worry about tie length. Today I will give you a good idea about a proper tie length. I hope you don’t have to worry about this anymore. So, please read our blog carefully and stay with us until the end.

What is tie  

A tie is a long piece of clothing. A manufacturer makes tie from different types of yarns like silk, cotton, polyester, etc. Usually, manufacturers design a tie for decorative purposes around the neck of men. A tie passes around the men’s neck through the inside of the shirt’s collar and knots at the throat.

There are different types of ties like a bowtie, necktie, bolo tie, Neckerchief, ascot tie, cravat tie, zipper tie, etc. The modern necktie, ascot, and bow ties are made from the cravat. Though neckties are usually unsized, it may be available in a more extended size. 

There are some tendings. Men wear neckties for regular office attire or formal wear. Moreover, boys wear neckties for traditional school attire. Some people like to wear them as everyday clothing attire. Some women usually use neckties. But it is not essential for them.

History Of The Tie 

Gentle as the proper country, no garment is complete without a tie. It combines the perspective of the class and the sophisticated. But have you known why we wear ties? Have you ever asked yourself about it? There is a history behind wearing ties. If we take a good look at history, we will find wearing ties from the French. The tie invented in the 17th century.

During the 30-year war in France, ties had spread from Europe tracks to Croatian mercenaries. These mercenaries of the Croatian Military Frontier wore their traditional small knotted neckerchiefs. When the Parisians saw them, they expressed interest. The tie gained the name cravat in French because of the difference between the Croatian word for Croats, Hrvati, and the French word.

According to Wikipedia, Seven years old, King Louis XIV started wearing a lace cravat around 1646. He set the fashion for French nobility. This new clothing article started a fashion craze in Europe; both men and women wore fabric pieces around their necks. The men wore lace cravats or jabots which took a lot of time and effort to arrange since its inception by the French king. These cravats were often tied in place by cravat strings, very neatly arranged, and tied with a bow.

Determine Proper Tie Length

Determining Proper Tie Length is the most important for wearing a tie. If you can’t determine the tie correctly, you have to be humiliated in every position. Is it okay to determine your tie before wearing a tie? Check it first. How to determine your proper tie length? Follow the given point to determine an appropriate tie length. 

Choose a tie

You have to choose a tie to wear. There are various types of ties, like polyester, silk, cotton, etc. You can choose anyone. If you do not have a tie in your home, you can buy a tie from your nearest shop. 

Tie length ratio

When you buy a tie from a shop, choose the right tie according to your height. A manufacturer makes ties of different sizes in his company. Because they never make a tie by targeting one person. Their target is a whole market. So they make different sizes of tie depending on the height of various people. So, when you buy a tie, choose the tie keeping in mind your height. Otherwise, your tie will get longer. Then you may fall into a little confusion.


Don’t try pre-tie a tie

When the tie election is over, the biggest mistake is we tie a tie at first. But we should not make this mistake because you don’t know if your tie is in the right length ratio. So before tying the tie first, fix the length of the tie properly.


How long should a tie be 

Typically, the tie has a certain length. If you can’t set a tie like a certain length, you will be laughed at by everyone. It can make you feel uncomfortable. So no one can laugh at you. You should know the proper size of the tie. Usually, we make almost two mistakes when wearing a tie. Sometimes we wear a tie too small or too big. Neither of these two is the right length to wear a tie. So let’s not know the exact size of the tie.

 Too Long tie length

If you see closely, you will see that many people have a tie hanging over their belt. It’s usually the newcomers who make this mistake. In fact, it is not the right length to wear a tie. It is called too long tie length. Because if you hang your tie over your belt, when you use a blazer or coat, it will stick out from under the blazer or coat. Then it will look not good.

People will smile when they see you. Which is the actual length of wearing the tie? is the correct length of wearing a tie before the belt? This kind of question must be on your mind now. So let’s take a look at the next point without delay. Is wearing the tie on the belt the right length or is there some other reason?

Too short tie length

After reading the previous point, now you are thinking that wearing a tie before the belt is the right length. But my answer is no because wearing the tie before the belt is not the right length. If you wear before the tie belt, your beauty will ruin.

People can criticize you if they see you’re wearing a tie before a belt. And this is the shortest length of the tie. Now the question may arise in your mind that it is not right to wear a tie after the belt, again it is not right to wear a tie before the belt, then what is the correct length? I say, be patient. Now you can know the exact length of the tie.

Perfect tie length

You know about the above two points. And also found that neither of those two points is the correct tie length. The correct tie length is to wear a tie along the middle of your belt. Yes, this is the right tie length to wear. When you wear a tie, make sure that your tie is in the middle of the belt. Once your tie wear is complete, you can now go out after formal or blazer.

However, there is some disagreement about wearing a tie at this exact tie length. We will also discuss that. Read on to find out more about the proper tie length.

How Long Should a Tie be for a Tall Man?

The length of a standard tie becomes more challenging to wear for taller people. If you are taller than six feet, the standard ties will be too short for you to wear. Then you should wear a long tie. You also have to wear a long tie, following the same rules as wearing a standard tie. Always try to keep the length of your tie in the middle of the belt or waist belt.

However, if your tie is square rather than triangular, keep your tie a little higher than the middle of the belt or waist belt. If you can’t find a long tie, I suggest you buy Italian ties because Italian ties are longer than other ties.

Tips For Diamond Ties and Square Ties

There are usually different types of ties. Most of the time, we see two types of tie use. One is a diamond tie that is shaped like a triangle, and the other is a square tie. However, the most common of these two ties are the diamond tie. People use this diamond the most.

Diamond Tie Length

You should keep some tips in mind when using a diamond tie. If you want to wear this tie, you have to tie in the middle of your waist belt or belt. These are the rules for wearing the right diamond tie. If you do not keep your diamond tie in the middle of the waist belt or belt, the tie will lose the beauty to wear.

Square Tie Length

The square tie is also a type of tie. However, very few people use it. If you want to use this tie, you need to keep in mind some tips about the square tie. We had known information for wearing a diamond tie from the previous point. If you wear this tie, do not tie along the waist belt or the middle of the belt. Place this tie a little above it along the middle of the waist belt or belt. Then you will have the right rules to wear this tie. It will not ruin the beauty of your ties.

How Knots affect Tie Length

How many loops may be needed to tie your tie? It depends on the length of your tie. But you have to make sure that when you give the knot of the tie, the knot is given in the right way. Otherwise, your tie will not be in the right way and in the right place. It will look bad. So when giving the knot of your tie, you must try to give less of the loop and give the knot in the right way.

Tips for the tie stains.

We use the tie to go to work every day or to any party. But we never notice that the tie gets dirty. So we should keep the tie clean when we finish wearing it. If your tie is clean, you don’t have to worry about the tie when you wear it later. You can read our blog to know more about “how to get rid of tie stains.”


You got to know the details of how long a tie should be. But you should read many more blog posts. You can also watch some videos on YouTube. But last but not least, always keep your tie in the middle of your belt or waist belt. It is the exact length of the tie.

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