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How to remove embroidery is a big question that almost everyone who works with embroidery does this. Nowadays the touch of modernity is so much so that people are always Showing interest a little more towards attractive dresses. And embroidery is using to make these beautiful garments more attractive. But many like to make their dress. Again, they want to create engagement by embroidering on top of those dresses. Due to a lack of experience, many people do the wrong embroidery and go after the tension of what should do now. So, I am posting this blog to remove your stress. I will try to highlight all the simple methods here. So, let’s get started.

Why remove embroidery?

We buy different clothes at different times for our new needs. But that is not what we like most of the time. So many of us have not decided to make our dress. However, if we do not have any sewing experience, then we are in danger, step by step. So, before we sew a dress, first of all, we need to know how to use an embroidery sewing machine work? Besides, you can go to our category to read all the blog tutorials about embroidery.

So, if you’re going to make your dress well and beautifully, then you need to acquire proper skills. In the meantime, if you have a good idea about sewing, you must know how to sew. That’s why you want to embroider your stitched dresses to make them more attractive.

Even many people also know how to glow in the dark embroidery thread. Then if you don’t have excellent skills in embroidery, you will sit on your dress with the wrong embroidery. Then you have to remove that false embroidery. Moreover, when people buy garments, many people do not like the embroidery used for the decoration purpose on the garment. So, they like to remove those embroideries.

Using Tools to remove embroidery:

Before removing the wrong embroidery, we need to know about the materials we need to use. So, let’s get to introduce the tools.

Tools to remove the embroidery:

  • seam ripper
  • Stitch Eraser
  • Razor 
  • Tweezers etc.

Typically, these three tools are the most commonly used to remove incorrect embroidery.


The Beginning process: How to Remove Embroidery:

Here you will find a basic idea of removing embroidery. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Let’s know the primary method. 

As you prepare to remove the embroidery from your favorite dress, you need to find the embroidery’s original place where it worked incorrectly. This time, if you find the place where you have embroidered by mistake, see the first, do you have to remove all the embroidery for that mistake? Or make sure, can you just remove that place?

Can you embroider again from the same place? Moreover, you need to know whether the embroidery is done by machine or by hand. If the embroidery is done through the embroidery machine, it will be much more energetic. For this, you may have to take a little pressure to remove the embroidery.

Remove Embroidery Using a Seam Ripper: 

A seam reaper is a tool that looks like a knife. It can easily remove stitches from your clothes. It has a forked metal head instead of just a blade. So, let’s get started now.

Removing process ( how to remove embroidery):

Now take your embroidered dress or garments. And place it on a stable place or a plank. Then hold the seam ripper with your right hand. Now, bring the seam ripper closer to your embroidered stitch. And just pick at every thread.

You can do a couple at a time and just work your way through it without touching the underlying fabric. Now, you’re just going working the fabric the destroying only the over thread. Taking your time is important here because you don’t want to disturb the fabric below it. 

And you will want to intermittently turn the fabric over and work from the other side. You can pull the thread through, or you can break the threads on this if you get stuck. But make sure to take your time and to destroy every thread.

Pull them through; we’re doing a lot of damage to the embroidery and leaving the underly fabric virtually untouched. Now it is looking good, and this is the finished product that looks like a perfect.

How to remove embroidery with a razor?

When we buy a garment, it embroiders with different types of threads such as Floriani embroidery thread. With all these embroidery threads, a garment can be made more attractive. And we don’t like all these exotic embroideries again. That’s why I will show you how to remove your embroidery with a razor. 

Embroidery removal process with a razor: 

 Firstly, I have to take a ball and put it right here. And to hold it like this right underneath my embroidery. Now I took just a plain one-dollar razor at the dollar store. And you have to take it. Now, you just scrape at the embroidery here on the back. And you do that a couple of times.

You are trying to switch hands for a second. But you’re just going to scrape this s couple times on here what it does it shreds that thread on the back. Then when you pull it over, go to the stitching, and you should be able to pull that right off. So, you should only take a couple of seconds to do this instead of having to buy any expensive trimmers.

Remove Embroidery Using an Embroidery Eraser:

A stitch eraser is a machine that easily removes embroidered seams of fabric without any damage. Buy it with a little caution when buying because stitch erasers are not hair clippers. Stitch erasers have specially made it to remove the thick stitches of machine embroidery. There are two types of this machine – one with a card that worked by current and the other without card operated by charging.

The main difference between this stitch eraser and a hair clipper is in the blades. Stitch eraser has specially designed for removing the inside stitches, and It can get the clip. And it can do no damage to the fabric. Let’s take a look at the process of removing embroidery with a stitch eraser.

Removal process using Embroidery Eraser:

First, plug in the stitch eraser’s cord with the switchboard on the wall of your house. And if your Stitch Eraser is battery powered, you won’t need to plug in your Stitch Eraser. Now hold your stitch eraser well with your right hand. But, before catching the eraser, keep your embroidered garment in a tight place.

This time, keep the side open inside your clothing and keep your decorated space so that the embroidery can easily remove. Now bring the stitch eraser machine closer to the cloth and turn on the device by pressing the invention button. After turning on the device, gently push over the embroidered area.

Here you must be determined and work with time. If you go here early, you may tend to ruin the fabric. So, keep pushing the machine slowly. Your embroidered stitches will come up slowly. Now you turn your clothes outwards and use your hands or pins to pick up the cut stitches.

After a while, you will see that your embroidered stitches have been removed. But your clothes will look a little dirty now. So, you can use a brush to clean your clothes, or you can use detergent to wash them.

Remove Embroidery Using tweezers:

A Tweezer is a small tool that can efficiently operate with a finger. These usually help to hold small objects or hot objects. However, you can use it to remove the embroidery of the fabric or any stitch. These tweezers serve as assistive devices. You can use it with a seam reaper, stitch eraser, and razor.

These were all methods of our today’s post. You can remove your embroidery by following any process if you want. And if you have trouble understanding the text of this post, you can watch the video below.


We give priority to our own choices. Especially if it is an object to wear, then we are more careful. So, I have discussed how to delete embroidery in this blog post. If you want to know more about embroidery, you can visit our category to read all posts. I will also tell you that you can follow other people’s blogs post or YouTube videos to know something better.


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