How To Use Embroidery Machine-Best tips for beginners

How to use embroidery machine is a complex process. Embroidering will be a difficult task for you if you have never worked with embroidery before. You will need enough experience to do this job. Nowadays, most embroidery machines are automatic, and the whole embroidery process can work without any hassle. You need to have good knowledge about your embroidery machine’s settings to complete the desired embroidery work.

Otherwise, you will be in danger if you work on simple embroidery machines. You should also have a good idea about your embroidery machine’s capabilities and be much more aware. If you are new to this world, we hope this post will be an effective way. Take time to read our post carefully to learn about the use of embroidery machines.

What is An Embroidery Machine

The embroidery machine is a particular embroidery machine for making several forms of stitch patterns or unique designs. Nowadays, you will find many types of embroidery machines. But the most common and most straightforward embroidery machine is the computerized embroidery machine.

You can easily use these machines. There is no problem with it. The machine will do the rest of the work itself if you just set something short. These machines are now mostly used in homes and organizations. These machines reduce your time. So we tell the maximum people to use these computerized machines.

However, if you want to be a functional program designer, you have to spend a lot of time and practice. Because there is no end to the way of being proficient at anything,  you can never be an expert without training.

Embroidery Machine Parts

An ordinary sewing machine has all the elements, and an embroidery machine has some extra functions. Let’s know about those parts:

  • USB Port
  • LED Touch Screen Display
  • Balance wheel/ Hand Wheel
  • Free Arm
  •  Bobbin Winder
  •  Spool Pin
  • 4”x4” Large embroidery Area
  • Spool thread
  • Thread Take-Up
  • Automatic threading system 
  • Thread guide
  • Needle
  • A lit LED Work Area
  • Bobbin
  • Foot pedal/ Foot controller
  • Frame / Hoop

How To Use Embroidery Machine

How you use the embroidery machine depends on your skills. If you are already proficient in this subject, you must know how to use an embroidery machine. But, those who are new to it must follow some rules. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the embroidery machine properly.

I will now show you the uses of computerized embroidery machines in your home. It gives you a brief overview of the rules you need to follow. Then it will be useful for you to understand the following explanatory points.

  • Prepare essential things
  • Taking the proper thread
  • Choosing the correct needle
  • Setting an embroidery machine parts
  • Set Up an Embroidery Needle
  • Thread the bobbin
  • Preparing the Hoop and Fabric
  • Choose the design and embroider
  • how to use embroidery guideline for beginners

Prepare Essential Things For How To Use Embroidery Machine

The first thing we have to do is collect all the necessary items. Keep everything you need for your machine at hand or near the embroidery machine—for example, thread, needles, bobbin, chosen design, fabric, stabilizer, etc. With all these essential items at your fingertips, you no longer have to search for them. You can quickly start working with these at hand.

So, always keep the necessary items close at hand. Once all the things are at your fingertips, it will be your job to pick the needles and threads that will suit your clothes. It is an important topic. If you forget to do this, your design may not be to your liking. So you must keep these two essential things in mind.

Taking The Proper Thread

There are two types of threads used for embroidery. One is the embroidery thread (which we call the upper thread), and the other is the bobbin thread (which we call the lower thread). The embroidery thread means that the upper thread has some features that distinguish it from ordinary threads.

This thread must be gorgeous for you to look very different from regular sewing. This thread has one more feature: that these threads are much thinner and much more reliable than ordinary knitting threads. So, you will try to use colorful embroidery threads in the upper thread to glow in the dark.

On the other hand, the bobbin thread or lower thread can hold the embroidery design’s back. Also, the most popular threads of embroidery are rayon and polyester. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. So choosing between the two becomes much more complicated. If we analyze further, we will get more popularity in polyester because polyester is much more affordable and has more edges than rayon.

Choosing The Correct Needle

When it comes to embroidery, you must keep the needle in mind. You cannot embroider with any sewing needle. Even if you do, you will not get any good results. So, you just have to pick the embroidery threads that make for use. The needle you choose must depend on the weight of the fabric you want.

As I have seen, most commercial embroidery machines use round-stemmed needles, and most domestic embroidery machines use flange-sided shank needles. Furthermore, embroidery needles classify according to a standard numbering system. An excellent way to decide what needle size is right for a particular fabric is to experiment and play with different needles.

Moreover, there are some standard needles that you can choose. So, let’s see those needles with few explanations:

  •  Sharp Needle:

A sharp needle is a needle that has a sharp point. Due to this sharp point, sharp needles can easily sew heavy fabrics and lace or cardstock embroidery. Those who work with these needles, they prefer these needles. Because working with this needle makes a small hole in the fabric, and the result is well-defined, and the embroidery patterns are also performed well. So, you can use this needle. As far as we know, The embroidery industry mostly uses these needles.

  • Ball Point: 

More or less, all of you use pens. When you use the pens, you will notice that the face of your pen is round. And there is a point. Similarly, needles also have a rounded point like a ballpoint ink pen. These needles slip through the fabric instead of penetrating the inside of the fabric.

Then the embroidery can be seen in beautiful shape. These needles are mainly used in knit fabrics. Thus, many embroidery workers recommend using these needles to prevent damage to the fabric with holes or runs.

  • Universal Needle:

It is the only needle with which you can sew both woven and knit fabrics. This needle works much better than the two needles above. This needle has a ballpoint tip that is taped so that it can easily pass through the fabric.

Although these needles can be considered as standard needles, some projects require different types of needles. So, you need to use different needles for different stitches while embroidering.

Set Up Embroidery Machine Parts

If you have selected threads and needles for embroidery, your next task will be to prepare your machine. Here are some tips to help you make an embroidery machine. Now I will discuss those tips. So, let’s take a look at all the essential information.

Set Up Plug:

First of all, you have to connect the power cord and foot controller cord to the machine’s ports before using the embroidery machine. Turn off the power switch of the machine when the power cables have inserted into the ports. If necessary, turn off the button of the main broad.


It’s a lot wiser to be a little careful when using bobbins. So always use new models or new bobbins. It’s best not to use bobbins as they get older.

Thread The Bobbin: 

Now, you need to wrap the thread inside the bobbin. Place the thread on the spool before wrapping the thread. Now, Insert the thread through the thread guide. If inserted correctly, wrap the thread tightly around the bobbin.

Next, place the bobbin inside the bobbin winder and start running the machine this time. When entering the thread into the bobbin, remove the bobbin from the bobbin winder.

If you don’t want to face the bobbin problem repeatedly, you can wrap the thread inside the bobbin at the same time. It will reduce the hassle of wrapping your bobbin.

Set Up An Embroidery Needle:

You need to select your needle. After choosing the needle, you have to adjust it with the embroidery machine. Make sure that you have inserted the needle correctly.

Thread Setting For Using Embroidery Machine:

Once the bobbin thread and needle have been done, choose the thread of your embroidery choice. Set the thread on the spool correctly. After setting the thread on a spool, pull the thread through the thread guide.

Now, insert the thread into the take-up lever. Pull the thread outside. You need to enter the thread into the needle eye. Now your first step has completed.

Preparing The Hoop And Fabric:

After completing the 1st step, your job will be to take the hoop and the cloth in hand. When you go to pick up the hoop, you will notice that there are two hoops. You have to place your clothes between these two hoops. Beautifully put your clothes now. Make sure that you place your cloth correctly.

Now place the fabric between the two hoops and adjust it well. Once the cloth is well placed, put the fabric with the hoop in the correct way on the embroidery machine. However, before installing it, you have to put your bobbin inside the embroidery machine. This time, check to see if your hoop appropriately positions on the embroidery machine.

Choose Design For Embroidery: 

When the parts of the embroidery machine-finished set up, you can find some designs of your choice. And choose the best design. If you have already selected the design, connect it to the machine via pen drive or USB cable.

This time, click on the display of the embroidery machine and choose the design of your choice. But always try to find some unique designs. Find a unique design that amazes people.

Start Embroidery:

Once the design of your choice is set on the machine, start your machine. Keep watching the magic this time. The design of your choice will automatically create on the fabric you provide without any touch from you. Now just wait until the end.

Besides, you have to make sure that if your embroidery machine’s thread is left for any reason or when the thread of the bobbin is finished, you have to fix the thread and bobbin again. Moreover, if your embroidery machine is an old machine, some problems may occur. You have to take care of that machine.

To solve small issues, you must turn off your machine. Then you have to fix the problems with your machine. And if your machine is new, if you are an expert,  you do not have to face any machine problem. But for those who are new, this can be a problem. So newcomers will try to move as much as they know. Otherwise, your machine may be under threat.

How To Use Embroidery Guideline For Beginners

Starting new stitching can be a bit scary for newcomers. It’s normal for you to panic. Be sure to enjoy what you are doing carefully. The main word is that you won’t get it the first time, but practice will make you a hero from zero at a time. So, practice more and more.

If you are new, you will not understand much. You will try to find someone who works with all the embroidery, including hooping, stabilization, and design. If there are no acquaintances, find out if there are any classes or sewing groups in your area. So, ask them for some help and guidance. They will be able to help and advise you.

Don’t start with a problematic design at first. Try to start with a simple design and then proceed slowly. When you start working with simple stitches, you will soon be able to create your strategy and know what works and what doesn’t. You can’t remember much. So, keep an embroidery diary with you.

Make notes about what you are working on, what thread you are using, what needle you are using. Make a note of any adjustments you have made to your machine. If you practice this way now, you will have a better idea of your work’s pace in the future. You also know in advance what you can do wrong.

Because you’ve made all those mistakes before, you can focus on improving your skills to learn something new. In the beginning, you will need some necessary tools. You can just buy your machine, hoop, thread, needle, fabric, stabilizer, scissors, and design to start. Moreover, if you need something extra later, you can buy it. A few things are enough to get you started.

Fishing Tips:

How to use embroidery machine is not easy for beginners. You just follow the path shown to us. If you have any problems understanding, watch the videos on YouTube or take a short course from an organization near you or get help from someone you know.

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